We are there for your child and you

Our work has one clear focus: your child's individual needs. In order for us to support your child's development in the best possible way, we employ people who are child and learning-centred individuals, enabling them to bring new ideas and proposals to their daily work - ideas that will benefit your child!

We are a small friendly team who love working in the early years and are convinced it's the most important job you can have!!

We have created an inspiring space with splashes of colour everywhere to encourage children to learn and excite their passion for exploring.

All of our staff are fully qualified nursery nurses with qualifications ranging from Level 3 in early Years right up to Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Early Years.  We are genuinely passionate and committed to working with your children to provide each and everyone with the best learning experience possible. This is not just a job for us it’s a vocation.





We are a Signalong friendly setting.

We are committed to provide a signing inclusive environment. Signalong is a sign-supported communication system intended for use with children who have language and communication difficulties. All our staff are trained in Signalong and we adapt it to suit your child by using key-word signing at their level in a way that they can be easily understood. We use speech, sign, body language, facial expression, and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word.


Katie Wiggins

Owner/manager of

The Villages Pre-school


Founded The Villages Preschool in

September 2009


Main responsibility

Overseeing the general running of The Villages Pre-school

Nursery SENCO Co-ordinator

Designated Safeguarding Lead  (DSL)



Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Years Level 6

Foundation Degree in Early Years Level 5

BTEC National Diploma Level 3

Worked in an early years special educational needs assessment unit 

25 years experience working in early years and special educational needs assessment.


A little bit about me. 

I have worked in early years all of my adult life, and spent a long time working in a SEN nursery assessment unit. When I decided to set up my own preschool one of my main goals was to create a space that was truly inclusive. My knowledge and experience helps considerably in identifying children’s needs at the earliest point, and then making effective provision to improve long-term outcomes for those children. I wanted children to feel that they can bring their “whole selves” to the learning environment, and that their differences enrich the learning community. I am committed to ensuring in my setting we embrace and celebrate every child’s uniqueness.


We're here for you:


The Villages Preschool

Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall Site,

Sherridge Road,

Leigh Sinton,


WR13 5DE

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