A Typical Day at The Villages Pre-school

A daily routine gives children a sense of security. This is why we ensure each day is properly structured while leaving enough time for spontaneous activities. Each day your child can choose from activities that will develop their confidence and build skills that will prepare them for school.

The daily routine at a glance:


Children find their names and

hang up their coat

Find their name on the self-registration board. Change from outdoor shoes into slippers.

 Key persons settle the children.


Free Play

Pre-planned free-flow play activities
Focus Activity (phonics, maths, cooking)
Assessment and observation

Snack Bar

Children are encouraged to find their snack mat, ask for what they would like to eat, pour their drinks, talk about tastes, and textures and try different foods.


Circle Time

Register time.  Name and recognition, turn-taking, singing, number games and basic concept work


Activities to support Learning          

Music and dance help with listening skills.  Co-operation, fine motor skills and creativity.  Cooking encourages discovery, maths, turn taking and trial and error.


Outdoor Play

Free play outdoor activities - large sandpit, role play house, large climbing equipment, balancing apparatus.  Bridge, discovery area, planting and decked area, space for wheeled vehicles


Story Time We use lots of props telling stories.



End of Morning Session

All the children sit together with the staff to eat lunch, a time used for conversation, turn taking and self-help skills, talking about healthy eating and likes and dislikes.


Split into two Groups

Activities relating to developmental and individual needs


Group One

Phonology work - developing awareness of sounds, letter matching games - linking vocabulary, auditory and memory games.  Board games to encourage problem-solving, reasoning and numeracy


Group Two

Games to encourage sharing, cooperation, concentration and turn-taking.


Outdoor Play

In our child-centred garden or out on the large field


Physical Play

Large P.E. apparatus, motor skills, risk-taking and moving around safely.  Skittles, parachute games, balls, hoops and bean bags; ring songs


Story Time We use lots of props when telling stories.
End of the afternoon session

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